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E Rickshaw Cargo Chechis

Based in New Delhi, India, we have carved a niche as a dependable Manufacturer and Supplier of E Rickshaw Cargo Chechis in the Indian market. Designed and assembled in accordance with the industry standards, our Cargo Chechis has long service life amd requires low maintenance. In addition, our E Rickshaw Cargo Chechis can also be personalized, accordingly. Get it at marginal prices, from us.

More about E-Rickshaw Cargo Chechis

  • We built over tubular chassis, body is kept light in weight in order to increase life of the battery, the main electronic components that make the drive are motor, controller, harness, batteries and the throttle. The mismatch between any of these components is undesirable and may reduce performance.
  • The chassis is the main part which ensures drive quality and safety of the vehicle, is made of mild steel, a low quality chassis should never be used, the chassis if often built without proper knowledge, causing an imbalance in the drive, and often causing the vehicle to pivot very easily, the chassis manufactured by professional e rickshaw manufacturers are better as quality measures are often ignored by others, and are often built without welding fixtures of any kind. The chassis inaccurately made, will have handling problems, will be damaged easily, and corrosion may occur if not treated for resisting certain chemicals(from the battery or otherwise) or moisture.
  • Low weight of body is desirable, which can be done by good designing, ensuring quality check, using material such as F.R.P, aluminium, composite materials and low density metals. A very good alternative is F.R.P which is strong, non conducting, cheap, light weight , highly durable, resistant to fire, withstands weather and is easily repaired in case of damage. The body is attached to chassis by the means of bolts, in some cases welded, which is not recommended. The body should be built to keep in mind quality and design which is aerodynamic, and ensures driver safety. Better quality bodies lasts for years whereas low quality body will last no longer than 10 to 15 months. In this case, F.R.P is extremely desirable since the life of the body is 10s of years. Electrical parts are recommended to be tight, use high quality couplers to ensure proper connection and insulate connection to prevent water and moisture.